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Tamlin and Her Dad: Love In Action

Five month old Tamlin came to the attention of our Unity Initiative thanks to her wonderful father — a man who is the hero of this story.

Tamlin 12.15

Baby Tamlin’s father was orphaned as a teenager and since then, he has made a living working part time jobs. When he married, he and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world who had some medical complications. They borrowed and begged and were able to get the treatment they needed for her. Then along came Tamlin.

Tamlin, their second child, was born prematurely, and her mother almost lost her life giving birth. Like her older sister, Tamlin was born with medical complications. Her parents were advised by family and neighbors to give her up as they simply did not have the money to pay for medical care for their daughter. However, Tamlin’s father refused and vowed to get his daughter the treatment she needed.


We are privileged to partner with this determined father to help his daughter get the medical care she needs. He truly put Love Into Action, as did the sponsors who quickly funded Tamlin’s medical care!

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