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Tater Tot

Adorable Tate (or “Tater-Tot” as we like to call him) joined us in late 2012, as a seven-month-old baby. Tate had been hospitalized initially for heart surgery, but an abnormal liver, enlarged spleen, lots of fluid in his abdomen, and a hernia needed to be addressed first.


Tate was hospitalized for several months and then discharged to LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home with a specialized formula and instructions for plenty of rest. We weren’t quite sure what the future would hold for Tate but were committed to address any concerns as they arose.


Fast-forward to today, where 23-month-old Tate is the healthiest guy in the house! His ASD heart defect has resolved completely without surgery. Although Tate’s spleen is still somewhat enlarged, his liver function tests as normal, and abdominal and renal ultrasounds showed perfectly normal results (except for his spleen). Tate is known as a happy little snuggler. He is now walking, although he finds that throwing a ball and crawling after it at lightning speed is much more fun.

Tate 3.15

Tate is ready to graduate to foster care, once we find that his healing home bed is needed. He is also ready for his family to find him, and we understand that his adoption file is now available.

Hopefully by this time next year, Tater-Tot will be spreading his very special brand of joy to a whole new set of family and friends. Have a wonderful life, little man!

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