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Team Education in China

When we signed on for a LWB Education trip to China, we didn’t know the meaning of the word work! However, we quickly learned when we donned hard hats to visit a new orphanage being built in Fujian Province. We rolled up our sleeves and went right to the wheelbarrow.

What’s wonderful about this particular orphanage is that space has been designated already for classrooms and a school. Our education team has had positive and productive discussions about what school for the children of this new CWI will look like. After our “hard labor” we enjoyed visiting the children in their current home with hugs, stickers and lots of cheerios. We were delighted to see almost 20 youngsters recently healed by LWB sponosed surgeries. They look great. They are healthy and so very lovable.

The orphange staff, Civil Affairs offical and mayor of the city have invited us to participate in a ceremony to celebrate the official “finishing of the roof” on the new orphanage tomorrow. The mayor and our team will be there to publically show our love and support of the children of this province who wait for loving families. We couldn’t be happier with our welcome and experience in Fujian.
Linda Mitchell
Education Director

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