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Team Up for Preemies!

I want to introduce you to one wonderful young man and some very cute babies!

This is Brady, who lives in Idaho in the United States.

He has just finished his senior year in high school. In order to complete this, he was required to do a Senior Project.

For his project, he wanted to do a fundraiser to help with the nutrition program. When we were contacted, we decided to have him do his fundraiser to earn money for formula for babies at Heartbridge. He did his fundraising and then did a presentation as part of his project.

Levi Then . . .

Levi Now!

Honor Then . . .

Honor Now!

A special thanks goes out to Brady for this special help to these very vulnerable babies, who need this special Preemie formula so they have a better chance to grow. We just placed an order for Preemie formula to be sent to Heartbridge, using up the last of Brady’s donation. Any help to this Preemie fund for future orders would be most appreciated.

Suzanne Damstedt is the Orphanage Assistance Director for Love Without Boundaries. She lives in Washington State with her husband, Darrell. They have 8 children: 6 bio kids and two daughters adopted from Shantou, Guangdong Province and Lishui, Zhejiang Province.

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