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TeamLWB in the Marine Corps Marathon

This past weekend the weather was perfect for Team LWB to race in the 6th Marine Corps Marathon!  TeamLWB was small this year, with only six runners making it to the start line. Although we always have some attrition due to schedule conflicts or injuries, this year’s team was the smallest yet. However small, this group of fundraisers was a mighty band who raised over $12,000 for Healing Homes!

Team LWB 2013

It takes many, many hours of training to be able to run 26.2 miles. So not only are these runners going the distance on race day, but they’ve already run 16, 18, and 20 mile training runs in the months leading up to race day. That is true dedication!

Team LWB Justin 2013

We would like to give a huge shout out to the six members of the Marine Corps Marathon’s TeamLWB:

Dr. Jeffrey Davis (family dentist and one of Team LWB’s sponsors for the past eight years)

Bryan Benson (a first time marathoner and friend of Melissa Kramer, LWB’s Director of Education)

Justin Wolfe (husband of Kelly Wolfe, LWB’s Chief Administrative Officer)

Anne B. (a dedicated anesthesiologist who was roped in to run her first marathon and was one of our top fundraisers)

Eva R. (Anne’s sister who was also roped in to run her first marathon and was also one of our top fundraisers)

Caitlin Glass (daughter of Special Events Director Sandi Glass, who finished in the top 500 women and got her name in the paper).

Team LWB Bryan

We are so proud of all of our runners for the time and energy they put into this event every year!

AHH babies group shot

The children at our Healing Homes (like those at AHH, seen above) and Starbridge (seen below) will truly benefit from their efforts, and we are very grateful.

SBHH babies 10.13

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