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Telling Quinn’s Story


Quinn is a boy from our Shantou foster care program who has just turned seven years old and is waiting for adoption. LWB volunteer Jennifer Knox spent time volunteering at Quinn’s orphanage last year before he re-entered foster care and loved getting to know him! Here, she tells the story of her week with Quinn.


Last November I volunteered at the Shantou orphanage where I spent a week with the wonderful children living there. Quinn was one little boy who especially stood out to me. I remember when I first met him thinking what a handsome little guy with a contagious big grin!


Quinn was loved by our whole team and would just light up with the biggest smile anytime one of our team members would talk to him.  Our very first day at the orphanage, the children entertained us with a wonderful performance of singing, dancing, and costumes with complete make-up!  I felt like I could see the joy and excitement on Quinn’s face as he was on stage performing. He knew all the songs and the choreographed dance moves perfectly.


On another day, we took the older children to the park and walked along the boardwalk near the ocean and I was lucky to get Quinn as my buddy for the day. He seemed so curious and full of love for life as we stood at the ocean watching the fishing boats in the water. Like many boys would be, he was absolutely mesmerized when one of the closest boats started its motor and cast off for a day of fishing. 


I think he would have stood there watching the boats and fishing activity all day if we had the time. As we walked, he pointed to ducks and other children playing.  It was so cute to observe.

Quinn seems to enjoy posing for pictures, always flashing what became a famous smile and a peace sign for the camera.


Based on the time I spent with Quinn, I feel he is a quiet, curious, fun-loving, well-mannered little sweetheart who laughs easily and has the most endearing smile!


He has a best friend in the orphanage, and I am thankful that he and his best friend are now in foster care together and attending school together!



On our last day at the orphanage we were able to do an art project together and once again I paired up with Quinn. I watched him follow directions like a perfect little gentleman that day, and he seemed to have so much fun finger painting with me. I was so thrilled to later find out that he made the painting for me, attaching a picture of himself to the art project and signing it. The lovely picture now hangs in my house and each day I see it and think about our wonderful week together and wish that someday soon Quinn’s family will find him!


To me, Quinn is a beautiful and sweet little boy. It surprises me that he would still be waiting for a family. I suppose that “his” family — the right one for him — just has not found him yet.

~Jennifer Knox is the Special Projects Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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