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Terrific Tara!

In early 2012 LWB began a foster care program in Kaili, Guizhou Province. One of the first children we took into our program was a baby girl born with dwarfism, whom we named Tara.


Tara had the most devoted foster mom, who wore her in a traditional Guizhou baby carrier for much of the day. Our local manager always enjoyed visiting her home each month, as she was such a good-natured baby who quickly grew into a very determined toddler. She loved visiting the market with her foster mom, and no matter what the temperature her favorite thing in the world was to be outside.


Tara lived in a small village in Kaili with lots of other foster care children, and every afternoon they would gather in front of a small store to play together. If any of the other kids ever told Tara she was too small to do something, she would loudly answer back that she could do everything they could! (You go, girl!)


As Tara got older she wanted to be more and more like her foster mom; so as a special gift she asked if she could please have her own traditional baby carrier. All local Miao women wear these beautiful embroidered carriers to hold their children. Her foster family was more than happy to make one just for Tara, and she would walk around each day visiting neighbors while carrying her cloth baby.


LWB always checks on the adoption paperwork status of the kids in our care, as we want every child possible to find a permanent home. When we asked about Tara’s file, we were told by the orphanage that they didn’t feel she could be adopted with her special need. We assured them that so many families would love to open their arms and hearts to amazing children like Tara, and so her file was finally completed.


We were so excited when we learned that a wonderful family had chosen Tara to be their daughter. In March Tara met her forever family, and they have told us that she is a blessing beyond belief to them. We were so grateful that we were actually in Kaili the day she was leaving to meet them, and we got to say one final goodbye to this beautiful and confident little girl.

China Tara

We know that the love that she felt during her time in foster care will be part of her heart forever. Her memories of China will be one of family and local friends, and not of being alone in an orphanage. Thank you to everyone who supports this important program, which allows orphaned children to have the gift of a home and family.

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