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Thank Goodness

Last night as I was cooking dinner, my six-year-old son asked, “Mom, why do people make sculptures?” I really had to think about that. I finally responded with, “I think that some people feel better and can make more sense of the world when they create beauty like sculpture or other kinds of art.” This seemed to satisfy him. Thank goodness! I don’t know if I could have explained more than that.

I thought of the upcoming Love Without Boundaries Annual Art Auction and again thought, thank goodness! Thank goodness that there are talented artists around the globe willing to donate their beautiful art objects to an auction that puts every penny raised to work healing orphaned children who could not otherwise receive medical care. Thank goodness there are people who appreciate beautiful art and are eagerly awaiting the opening of the auction to not only purchase items that make us feel better and make more sense of our world, but also to do good.

The seventh annual Love Without Boundaries Art Auction will be open on eBay from April 22-27. Join in and enjoy the art (and purchase the art!) and make a positive impact on the lives of children.

Linda Mitchell is a wife and mom to four, blog contributor for Love Without Boundaries and volunteer at her kid’s school, student of School Library Media, K-1st Sunday School Teacher…..and creative writer when she can get a word in edgewise.

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