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Thank You, Camp China NC!

camp china Jay before

My family and I attended Camp China NC for the second summer in a row. This year the camp held a service project on behalf of Love Without Boundaries. The attendees had a grand time putting together raffle baskets to benefit Baby Jay at True Children’s Healing Home (TCHH). Jay had a cleft lip and palate, although we got news of his lip repair surgery right before camp. The families donated over 30 raffle baskets and had a lot of fun deciding in which basket to drop their raffle tickets.

camp china baskets

camp china baskets2

The parents got to hear a presentation on orphan care in China today and how LWB works to support children in this changing environment. While the kids were not at the presentation, they were well aware of the fundraiser for Baby Jay. The kids had their own ideas about fundraising!

One little girl approached me and gave me 32 cents to give to the baby. Those 32 cents are just as precious as the larger donations.

On Saturday afternoon, a couple of the girls were playing piano in the lobby when their enterprising friends started passing a cup for tips! They then presented me with the cupful of tips to “help take care of the baby!”

Next, an even more enterprising group of young girls decided to go into business to make money for Baby Jay. Two friends had brought kits to make elastic band bracelets and necklaces (www.rainbowloom.com, which of course you can order through LWB’s link to Amazon). They enlisted the help of two more campers to make and sell bracelets and rings. They presented me with $139 on Sunday afternoon, but continued to make and fill orders for the bracelets. It was hysterical because every time I thought I had the final count from the bracelet girls, they would hand me another handful of dollars. Their final total was $185! So we want to give a special thank you to the Bracelet Girls: Danielle, Jaymie, Jenny, and Allison!

camp china bracelet girls

Total funds raised by Camp China with this project, including online donations, was $1,110.51 for Baby Jay in TCHH! For those of you interested in involving your children in giving back, check out LWB’s Heroes for Hope and Healing.

Jays new smile

After arriving home, I received this picture of Jay with his first big, post-surgery smile. He must have heard about all the families rooting for him at Camp China. Baby Jay has a new reason to smile as I have just heard he has now moved to LWB Foster Care Program.  We expect to hear more about Jay’s adventures as he starts to explore the world with his new foster family.

Thanks again, Camp China members, for showing you care and for raising children who show the same compassion and caring!

~Nancy Williams, Information Services Director for LWB

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