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Thank You From Our Cambodian Teens: Hope Through Higher Education

Two weeks ago, we asked for help from our community to send a cohort of 22 Cambodian teens to college.  Our community came through with flying colors!

As a reminder, our higher education project in Cambodia provides college scholarships to rural teens who pass the national entrance exam for university and who volunteer regularly with our community programs.

In the particular rural area where LWB is working, poverty is most people’s reality. Many parents put a great deal of pressure on their children to drop out of school to work in order to make a few dollars a day to feed their families. Only 18% of children in this region graduate from high school, and less than half of those will successfully pass the college admission exam.

The college-bound teens in our higher education program are already exceptional in that they have completed high school and passed the national entrance exam. These young people are not only hard workers and good students, but also they spend their own time volunteering with our community programs. We know firsthand what truly wonderful kids they are.

In just one week, our LWB community sponsored ALL 22 of these aspiring college students! It is no exaggeration to say that these teens’ lives will be changed as a result of this financial support.  Just knowing that a complete stranger from another country believes in your potential enough to pay for your first year of university tuition and fees is an empowering feeling.

We could not L-O-V-E our supporters more and are beyond grateful to everyone who stepped up to bring these Cambodian teens hope for a brighter future.

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