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The B Babies

Our minds have been stuck on the letter “B” this week! In the past few days, we have taken in two new babies and been very concerned about another baby from our Heartbridge Healing Home — all with names beginning with the letter B. So without further ado, we want to give you an update on all three B babies: Bridget, Brayden, and Brent.

B babies

Bridget. Bridget is a name meaning strength, and this tiny little one has lived up to her warrior appellation! At one month old, she came into our care with untreated anal atresia and a very hard stomach. Since her belly button had already healed when she was found, it seems likely that her birth parents wanted and tried to keep her before they left her at the orphanage in desperation as she became more critical. Bridget was in a great deal of pain and needed emergency surgery which was likely too expensive for her parents to pay for up front.


Thanks to our Emergency Medical Fund, we were able to use this lifeline to ensure Bridget got the emergency treatment she needed. We only wish that Bridget’s family had known about our Unity Initiative which could have funded her surgery and allowed them to remain together as a family. Right now, Bridget loves to be held by her nanny and knows to speak up when she wants attention! We’re so grateful she is doing well.


Brayden. On a cold and rainy day last week, a tiny preemie was found with a low body temperature and pneumonia. Fortunately, we were able to get Brayden to the hospital and now he is recovering, although doctors have discovered he has a congenital heart defect.


Brent. Brent is a resident of our Heartbridge Healing Home who has been struggling with pneumonia and breathing issues for quite awhile. He was really not improving, and so we moved him to Shanghai for additional testing. This showed that he has an underdeveloped larynx, which makes breathing more difficult. Doctors also felt that Brent would benefit from doing the next stage of his anal atresia surgery in order to maximize his ability to absorb nutrition, so yesterday Brent underwent surgery. We hope that this will bring him some relief and allow him to get stronger. Little Brent also has a heart defect, so he really has a long road ahead of him and could use thoughts, prayers, and support.

Donations in any amount towards the care of these three children — Bridget, Brayden, and Brent — will be gratefully accepted.

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