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The Babies are HERE!


While we were sleeping last night, the first two babies, Jenna and Shanon arrived at the Anhui Cleft Healing Home. First they were taken to Anhui Children’s Hospital for a check up before they came back to the home. Jenna had a little bit of a cough. After the pediatricians conducted their exams, they perscribed some medicine for her cough. She is not eating that well yet but hopefully she will be feeling better soon.
We had 6 Cleft home staff memebers here receiving the 2 babies on the day shift. 3 nannies to one child – that is a good ratio but we won’t be able to keep this up for long. The nannies were busy making sure the room was ready. You could feel the excitement in the air as there were all talking at the same time about our first babies from Dingyuan.
The two children from Dingyuan were accompanied to Hefei by Director Xi’s wife along with other two staff. Here is a photo of the Director’s wife feeding Jenna, with our head nanny, Shao Mei looking on. She looks so kind and loving.

This is the night shift nanny whose name is Liu Xiao Li. She is gentlly making sure our littles ones are tucked into bed.

It has been a full day for these children with an exciting new chapter of their lives begining today. It is an honor and a priviledge to be able to follow these children so closely as they come to the home, grow & develop, and then eventually have their surgery. Our Anhui Cleft Home Manager is Zhang Ming. He is such a dedicated man to make sure that everything is always done right for the children. He was sending me these photos at 2AM in China because he wanted to make sure all was well with the babies on their first night

Tomorrow, 2 babies from Fuyang and 4 babies from Huainan will come to our cleft home

We are all so very excited to finally be able to care for these precious children.

I am so pleased to introduce you to Shannon. She is pretty in pink.

And Jenna. who looks like she already is having sweet dreams. I wonder what she is dreaming of?

Both of these children are still available for sponsorship.


Our Cleft Home Coordinator, Sandi Glass is on her way to the Cleft Home and will arrive in Hefei Tuesday at Noon. Until then we will have to wait for more news.

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  • Terry says:

    Okay, I need a tissue now! I’m elated for these children and just delighted to meet their caregivers and to know of their love and compassion for the children! The baby girls already look at peace in their new home and I’m anxious to hear of their progress, as well as the others.
    Terry (Sandi Glass’s sister-in-law and adoptive mom of Grace (Chong Qing) and Rachel (Hunan)