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The Beginning of Friendship

Friendship is an important component of the school experience. In preschool especially, learning to bond, communicate, and play with other children are primary learning objectives. The magic of friendships can change the school experience for a child, as it has with Garbiñe.

Entering LWB’s Believe in Me Changzhi School for the first time, Garbiñe was a sad and nervous girl. Unfamiliar with the other children and surroundings, as well as not having a good command of Chinese, it was difficult for Garbiñe to communicate.

From her first day of school, Juan befriended her.

Funny and always happy, Juan’s personality started to affect Garbiñe. The teachers first noticed the change on Garbiñe’s face. Juan treats his favorite friend as his new sister. They walk to school and back home together each school day. Garbiñe is now smiling, more confident, and able to express herself more clearly as a result of this special friendship.

Success in learning can begin in many ways. For Garbiñe, it took just the right friend to help her begin her educational journey.

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