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The Benefits of Foster Care For Our Daughter

We will always be grateful for LWB’s foster care program and for those who sponsored our daughter Xindan, known to the LWB community as Danielle.

Xindan 10.12

During the first year of her life, foster care provided Xindan with a home where she was loved and nurtured. She benefited from the commitment and continuity of care her foster mother, extended family and community provided.

Xindan 9.12

For a child who had experienced early loss, trauma and illness, Xindan’s emotional maturity and awareness surprised us. She understood how to receive and give affection, make genuine connections, and take comfort in physical intimacy. It made her transition to us easier, and she bonded with us quickly. She seemed to understand our role as her new caregivers because she knew she could communicate her physical and emotional needs, and our job was to meet those needs.

We believe this understanding came from learning what family was, and that was because of foster care.

Xindan 6.12

Her socialization within her family and small village community meant she knew how to share and play, was at ease with children of any age, and took great joy developing new relationships with others. The attention that was paid to her nutrition, her health and well-being meant she experienced no delays in her physical and intellectual development.


We hope now as we begin to talk about her life in China and the special people who were part of her life, that this brings her comfort and a sense of belonging to a culture, community and family which we are incredibly grateful to for loving and caring for our daughter like she was their own.


~Mardi, Australia

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