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The books are coming, the books are coming!

So have you received your copy of Love’s Journey 2 yet? A huge shout out of thanks to Canterbury Press in Atlanta for their wonderful work on our newest book and for getting them ready to ship for the holidays!

I heard today from one friend who got hers in the mail. She was alternating between tears and laughter and emailed that the essay “Bonding” by Tim Chauvin was priceless. I was paging through my book at the same time that she emailed, and was glad to read a story with humor as I had just finished crying after reading “For ShaSha’s Foster Mother” on page 82. After meeting so many foster families last month in China who told us that they still cry over the children they had to say goodbye to….the photo of the foster mom sobbing as she got ready to say goodbye to the little girl in her care just about did me in.

I had pretty much quit crying after looking at a few more pages of the beautiful families and children. How could you not smile when looking at a picture of the “Fu Sisters” reunion or “the many faces of Alana Peilan?” But then I happened to turn to page 149, with a poem written by Fang Fang Wu Lee at the age of 13.

Time to buy stock in Kleenex.

Trust me….the book is worth $60. There are 278 full color pages which will cause you to alternate between smiles and tears. And how many books have you bought this year where 100% of the proceeds go to help children? Not 20, not 50….100%.

Be a sport….order 10! 🙂 And then be an even bigger sport and convince 10 of your friends to buy 10!

Yes, that was a shameless plug. But the photos are worth every penny….and we’ve got babies waiting to be helped. Thanks for spreading the word that your life will not be complete without a copy of this book. (was that too dramatic?) Okay, how about “buying a copy of this book will lead to inner peace?” Or perhaps we could do a James Bond kind of thing and just walk up to people all serious looking and say “Journey. Love’s Journey”. I’ll let you decide how to plug it. It’s after midnight and obviously I’m sleep deprived if I’m trying to sell books with a James Bond impersonation. 🙂

But when you DO get your book, let me know if there is a story that particularly touches you. It was a long time in the making…but finally it is HERE.


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