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The Boys of Believe in Me Changzhi

Because it’s Friday and Friday is for fun, we thought we’d share some boys who always seem to be having fun:  the boys at our Believe in Me orphanage school in Changzhi!

Changzhi Isaac Guillermo 9.15

Hugo (seen below leaning forward) is one of the older boys at the school, and he always makes us laugh with his funny faces.  Here, he and Mikel are demonstrating parts of the body.

Changzhi Mikel Hugo 9.15

Sweet Alex is one of our newest students at the school. He seems to be fitting in quite well and enjoying himself!

Changzhi Alex 9.15

Silly Luis and Mikel show us where their heads are.

Changzhi Luis Mikel 9.15

Ismael is also fairly new to the school and seems to be adjusting well.

Changzhi Ismael 9.13

Isaac and Guillermo (both of whom need Education sponsors) are becoming the best of friends are are usually seen together!

Changzhi Isaac Guillermo2 9.15

Nacho just looks content, doesn’t he?

Changzhi Nacho 9.15

Victor, who is still waiting to be chosen for adoption, is always busy and smiling for the camera.

Victor 9.15

This photo of Tomas was taken just a few weeks before he was adopted. He looks pretty happy; maybe he was thinking of his new mom and dad.

Changzhi Tomas 9.15

Thank you to all of our Believe in Me sponsors for helping us to give children like these wonderful boys the opportunity for education. We believe in them!

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