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The Boys of Healing Homes

We saw this quote the other day and immediately thought of the wonderful little boys currently in our care at our Heartbridge and Anhui Healing Homes.

These priceless little boys are all survivors, as we recognize that the only reason they’re even in our care is that they have already lived through the painful loss of their birth families and the sad realities of abandonment.  And of course to end up in our healing home program, they have also all faced medical challenges.

 Sully in the ICU

We know these glorious babies only come into our hands for a short while, but during that time we do everything in our power to make them feel safe, secure, and oh so loved. Today we wanted to share a few beautiful images of some of our current little guys. There are thousands of wonderful boys on adoption lists, with surprisingly too few families willing to consider adopting a son.  Let’s continue to spread the news about how many boys are waiting, as every orphaned child deserves a permanent home.  We think you’ll agree that the lads in our care right now could certainly inspire anyone to consider researching adoption!

Brent with the Good Hair

Brody Looking Serious

Everybody Loves Lincoln

New Arrival Gavin

Gorgeous Jimmy

Adorable Marcus

Jovial Jordy (we couldn’t resist)

We’ve heard the old saying that babies are a bit of heaven sent down to earth.  We would certainly agree.  We’re so thankful to everyone who supports our important and life-changing healing homes program, which gives so many children each year a fresh start at a new and healthy future.

Want to get monthly photos and reports on any of the boys above?  You can become a child sponsor by visiting our Healing Homes page!

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