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The Boys Who Wait


We are huge fans of the boys in our programs, and it breaks our hearts when we see boys who have been waiting for families for entirely too long.  It seems like ages now that we have been hearing that the shared list of waiting child files has consisted of 75% boys and 25% girls.  (The shared list is accessible to all agencies with a China Waiting Child adoption program.) No one seems to be able explain why families wanting to adopt are primarily interested in bringing girls into their families, but the fact remains that  approximately 3/4 of the children from China who wait for adoption are boys.

From oldest to youngest, here are some of the boys whom we have featured on our blog who are still waiting for their forever family to see them, fall in love, and commit to bringing them home!

Michael writingMichael, 12 years old

DavidFuyang6.14David, 11 years old ($3,000 Adoption Assistance Grant plus reduction in orphanage donation)

JosephJinjiang8.14Joseph from Jinjiang, 11 years old

YagosmilingYago, 10 years old ($4,000 Adoption Assistance Grant)

Joseph from Fuyang, 10 years old (reduction in orphanage donation)

Tommy outsideTommy, 10 years old — Matched!

Mickey1Mickey, 8 years old

Erik2013Erik, 8 years old

LUKE-201405Luke from Kaifeng, 7 years old ($3,000 Adoption Assistance Grant)

IfanWinstonsum014Ifan, 7 years old ($2,000 Adoption Assistance Grant)

AdamgrinAdam, 7 years old

Caleb2014Caleb, 7 years old

Henry 3 March 2014Henry, 6 years old

TomasTomas, 7 years old

LukeHuainan2014Luke from Huainan, 6 years old

Jonathan2 8.13Jonathan, 6 years old

Daniel8.14Daniel, 6 years old

Bobby1Bobby, 5 years old

Alan3.14Alan, 4 years old

timothy7.14blogTimothy, 4 years old

Jose9.14Jose, 3 years old

Rhys4Rhys, 3 years old

Most of these handsome boys are on the shared list with just a few exceptions.  We hope that with the right family, ALL of these boys would make wonderful sons!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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