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The Boys Who Wait in 2015

Despite the misconception that Chinese orphanages are filled with girls, approximately 75% of the orphaned children in China waiting for families are boys.

Changzhi boys2 10.15

Boys who are full of potential and just need a family to encourage and nurture them.

Boys who need someone to play ball with them, take them on nature hikes, and read them bedtime stories.

Boys who need love and are waiting to become someone’s treasured son.

We think so highly of the boys in our programs and want to share those who continue to wait to be chosen by a family. Some of these boys have been waiting for years.

Victor2 6.15Victor, age 6 (Changzhi education program)

Erik2 9.15Eric, age 8 (Sanmenxia foster care)

Daniel 10.15Daniel, age 7 (Sanmenxia foster care)

Andy 9.15Andy, age 9 (Shantou foster care)

Bobby 9.15Bobby, age 6 (Sanmenxia foster care)

Shane 9.15Shane, age 6 (Sanmenxia foster care)

Henry Loudi 6.15Henry, age 3 (Loudi foster care)

Robert shy 8.15Robert, age 7 (Lanzhou education program)

Spencer2 8.15Spencer, age 7 (Qingyang education program)

AdamgrinAdam, age 8 (Lanzhou education program)

Joseph 9.15Joseph, age 12 (Jinjiang education program)

Ifan 9.15Ifan, age 8 (Dingyuan foster care)

Luke Huainan 2015Luke, age 7 (Huianan education program)

Timothy3.15Timothy, age 6 (Qiandongnan foster care)

Clyde presurgery 10.31.15Clyde, age 3 (Qiandongnan foster care)

Mateo2 9.15Mateo, age 5 (Tongren foster care)

Mitchell 10.15Mitchell, age 8 (Shaoguan education program)

Landen 2015Landen, age 8 (Shaoguan education program)

Oskar 9.15 Oskar, age 5 (Qiandongnan foster care)

 Titus, age 3 (Qiandongnan foster care)

With a few exceptions, nearly all of these boys are on China’s shared adoption list (accessible to all adoption agencies with a China Waiting Child program). We think that each and every boy shown here could make a wonderful son for just the right family!

My Son
Gold and silver
have I none,
But worth a million
is my Son.

Need some more positive encouragement? Watch our video “Adopting a Boy,” and then help spread the news that so many boys are waiting for a mom and dad of their own.

Please contact our Adoption Advocacy Team at adoption@lwbmail.com if you would like more information about any of these wonderful waiting boys.

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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