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The Cribs Project

One of the first things expectant parents often do is begin thinking about a nursery and how to decorate and furnish it. A beautiful room complete with changing table, toys, and a beautiful crib may be waiting for that precious baby when he or she arrives.

Of course newly arrived children at an orphanage don’t get met with this same scenario. While fancy cribs are not necessary, it is important that the cribs in an orphanage not pose dangers because of overuse or unsafe materials.

LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program is raising funds to provide cribs for an orphanage in Guizhou Province. We recently provided coats to children in this province and are now hoping to meet the need for new cribs. Your donation of $100 to purchase a new crib or your donation in any amount will gratefully be accepted for this project and will be a blessing to to many children!

Cribs Project

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