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The Face of Determination

Little Janie from our Xiao Xian Foster Care Program was born with a spinal tumor.

Though she had the tumor removed, she has scoliosis and her legs remain very weak. Despite her physical limitations, Janie is determined to move around.

When Janie’s foster mother is unavailable to help her outside, Janie holds onto the wall and moves herself outdoors. She then calls out to her friends to come and join her. She doesn’t let anything stop her from playing with the neighborhood children.

Janie recently told her foster mother that she wished she could have dog’s legs so she could run and play with her friends. We’re hoping Janie will find her forever family who can get her the medical care she needs to run and play on her own two legs!

Jodi Allion is the Xiao Xian Foster Care Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She and her husband, Darryl, live in sunny FL with their four children: David (18), Michael (14), Leah (8, adopted from Anhui Province in 2006) and Alanna (6, adopted from Anhui Province in 2004). Both of their daughters were waiting children.

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