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The First Few Days in Kolkata

They made it! Our intrepid group of travelers from Uganda — 7 children, 6  moms, 1 aunt, 1 nurse, and 1 social worker — arrived safely in Kolkata and got settled into their apartments, which are thankfully all on the same floor and share some common areas for the children to play and for the moms to chat.

After a good night’s sleep, the group headed down to meet their driver on Saturday for the 15-minute drive to the hospital. Little Lianah was ready to get the day started.

Joyce and her mama sat together while waiting for the van.

Off to the hospital!

Their day was spent having preliminary echocardiograms and other diagnostic tests run so that the cardiologists could meet with them today.

Devon and Shellie are becoming fast friends. We have a feeling that these two girls could make some mischief together!

Speaking of Devon, we just received word that Devon is scheduled to have her heart surgery tomorrow.

Her mom is happy to know that we are thinking of them and cheering Devon on from all around the world.

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  • LWB says:

    Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, our Board of Directors is not looking to expand to other countries at the moment, but we can keep your contact information if they decide to look at new countries.

  • Bangi Katherine says:

    I applaud the work done. Lots of luck to all the young ones and their families

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