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The Fun of Photos!

One part of the nutrition program that I really love is getting to look back over past photographs and seeing how the children have grown and developed. This beautiful girl has grown and gained weight, and I was thrilled to see that she has now had her cleft lip repaired. The surgeon did a fantastic job! You can see how she has changed in these photos from January, May and July.

I also love seeing how the children respond to our local managers. Having a quirky sense of humor, I can’t help but assign captions in my head as I see the photos.

“I am the Great and Amazing Houdini. Watch and I shall captivate you with my magic!”


“Alacazam! I have made my formula disappear!”

I also enjoy seeing who the favorites are and can generally tell by the number of photos taken of particular children. I do believe our China manager has been charmed by this adorable girl who just turned two years old this month. There were twice as many photos of her as there were of the other children. She certainly does seem to know how to flirt!

I truly enjoy viewing each and every group of photos as they come in and hope that these will brighten your day as well!

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

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