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The Gaokao Experience

Months and months of nothing but studying, meals spent hovering over textbooks, very early mornings and unbelievably late nights. Then, before you know it, and definitely before you feel ready, exam day is here. Parents wait outside the school building on the front stairs, worrying about their precious children inside. Two long days of testing; eight hour days, minimal breaks, exhausted students, maximum stress. This is the experience for any student wanting to attend college or university in China. This is the experience of the gaokao.

Then the test is over, and the wait begins…the wait to know will I get into a vocational school or  college?  Was my dream of university too big?  Is there hope for a better future? Is there a chance to work toward overcoming poverty? Has all of this work been for nothing? What if I’m not good enough? The questions are endless, the stress and worry is immense.

We are so thankful to tell you that the wait is over, and we are so very proud to announce that ALL of our education program’s Sunflower Project students who took the gaokao have passed!!  Our students are AMAZING!

A few students received the highest marks, many received marks high enough to get into universities, many more will be enrolled in colleges in the fall, and then a small few will go to junior college.  Over the next month these students will begin to receive calls from colleges and universities, extending invitations to attend.  It is our sincere dream that all of our students will hear from the school they want to attend and will receive scholarships to help them over the upcoming years.

It is our hope to help every one of these students with their tuition and expenses if they do not receive scholarships. They are our family. They are our children. They deserve the best! If you are interested in helping these hopes and dreams come true, we would welcome your donation in any amount. Congratulations to all of our Sunflower Project students!

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