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The Healing Begins: The 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange

Several weeks ago we took you on journey with over 30 children who were scheduled to have cleft repair surgery during our 2015 Cleft Medical Exchange. Just over ten days have passed, and we are receiving updates from some of the families and orphanages on children who are beginning to heal.

Dave-B-&-A text

Baby August’s family sent us an updated photo. You can hardly tell that August had surgery!

AugustpostopAugust is looking great!

Dave’s family sent a photo of him with a note he is doing well.

CME2015DavesparentsDave and his parents before surgery

DavepostsurgeryDave looking handsome after surgery!

Little Delia touched many hearts as she left her orphanage for the first time and bravely faced stares and even crying from people who had never seen her type of facial cleft before.


Dr. Tolan did a beautiful repair on her lip, which you can see here:


Unfortunately, Delia fell at her orphanage last week and her lip broke open. Her lip is still healing from where she fell on it, but thankfully the orphanage doesn’t feel like it is terribly uncomfortable to her. We still think Delia’s repair looks wonderful!


Our team totally fell in love with Delia when they were in Kaifeng!  Her adoption file is on the shared list, and we hope to hear that she has been chosen for adoption soon.

Minna and Adaya from Gansu needed a bit more time to prepare for surgery, so they are now residents of our Anhui Healing Home.  They should hopefully have surgery in May.


Adayatape4.27.15Adaya wearing tape to help prepare her lip for surgery. She doesn’t seem to mind one bit!

Minna is enjoying the attentive nannies at our healing home who are experts in feeding babies with cleft lip and palate.  She seems to be putting on the pounds in preparation for her cleft repair surgery.

Minna2 4.27.15


We can never thank everyone enough for their love, prayers, and support for this year’s Cleft Medical Exchange. The transformations are incredible and would not have been possible without you!

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