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The Heart of an Orphan

Have you ever wondered about the story behind Love Without Boundaries?  Our new book, The Heart of an Orphan, tells the story of how one tiny baby in China born with heart disease inspired a movement which became Love Without Boundaries.

In this book, founder and CEO Amy Eldridge offers her personal insight into the many complex issues surrounding orphan care, abandonment, international aid, and adoption and shares many personal stories about her years of working with orphaned and impoverished families in China.

Readers will learn about baby Kang, the child who began it all.


The stories of many other children are featured in the book, some of whom you may remember. Children like Yong…

yong peace


and Mighty Marisol.
Marisol 12

And others you may not have heard of.

We’ve prepared a companion webpage to the book with photos of some of the children featured in the book so that you can picture them as you read.

“The Heart of an Orphan” is available from Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. As a special thank you to our supporters, we are making this book available in electronic version at no cost from December 6-10!

While it is true that getting involved with children in need often means your heart will be broken, it also means your heart will be transformed. When you dare to reach out and take the hand of someone who is hurting, you allow the glimmer of hope that a miracle will grow. And when it does, nothing is more spectacular and humbling at the exact same time.
~Amy Eldridge, The Heart of an Orphan

We hope the stories of the children featured in the book will touch your heart as they have transformed ours!

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