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The Journey of the Bed

JD is one of our students in the Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program. He is a twelve-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother in a small town on a beautiful river.

JD does most of the household chores for his home. He does the cooking and cleaning for himself and for his grandmother. He has developed a close relationship with his tutor, Mao. Mao helps to keep an eye out for JD and for what he might need. Back in the early part of the summer, Mao let us know that JD needed a bed of his own. He had been sleeping with his grandmother for many, many years. Well, he is a growing boy and needed his own bed!

Our program was not fully funded, so we decided that a blog post about JD would help to bring in more sponsors for him. We were right — JD received many new sponsors! One sponsor in particular inquired if there was anything specific that JD needed. We told her that JD needed a new bed, and she donated money right away.  Because of the remote location of JD’s village, it took several months for the bed to arrive. With the help of his tutor Mao and our manager Steve, the bed was ordered from a nearby village.  Earlier this month, the wonderful new bed finally made it to JD!

With the money donated, he was able to pick out brand new bedding as well. It took many people working together to get this bed to JD’s home!

Isn’t it amazing how a generous heart on the other side of the world can help to provide for a child in need? This modest donation brought together friends and family to help change the life of this young man.  We all know how good it feels to climb into our own warm bed at night. We have the blessing of knowing we can get a good night’s sleep and take on whatever the next day brings us. Now, JD has that blessing as well!  We hope you enjoyed this story of JD’s new bed and that perhaps it inspires you to give back!

~Samantha Harris, Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program Coordinator

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  • Nicole says:

    JD caught my eye a few months ago after I had sponsored a little girl. His story and caring nature made me want to help him. I have been saving up and hope to be able to make a donation soon. This is a wonderful story!!