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The Joy of Giving

It has been a great blessing in the life of my husband and I to have sponsored children during the past three LWB cleft trips. Although we are not adoptive parents, we have a niece and nephew who were adopted from China’s orphanages. These two children have enriched our lives so much, and brought great perspective to what we take for granted in America.  


A few years back, we were fortunate to help sponsor the cleft surgery for Cui Cui, who was already a teen at the time of her lip repair. We have been so blessed with the chance to follow her progress over the years.  Following her surgery, Cui Cui had the opportunity to go to college, through the support of LWB.  But, none of that would have been possible if her cleft lip hadn’t been repaired.  It was such a small donation in the grand scheme of things, but it made such a huge difference in her life.   




To those who are considering helping, but are hesitant because you don’t feel like you have a lot of money to donate, please realize that every dollar helps. For this year’s mission, we are sponsoring a portion of Louis’ cleft surgery.  Even though we couldn’t fund his whole surgery, we are so happy to play a part in giving him a new smile and a new future.   We love knowing that we will get to follow his progress, no matter how big or small our donation.  Giving to the children with cleft has shown us, first hand, that a little of our money can open up a whole new world of opportunity for these wonderful kids.  


– “Aunt” Jody W.

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