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The joy of school

Watching children learn to read and write has always been a major part of my life. During my 35 years of teaching, I watched many children conquer these abstract skills. As I watched the children at the Believe in Me II School practice their writing and hold their reading books in their hands, I couldn’t help but think how much alike we all are. The teachers hovered over their charges and helped them with their pencils. They called out words of encouragement to the children as they recited. The little children shared what they had learned with the child next to them and helped each other along with their skills. Teachers smiled and the children smiled back. You could feel how happy the children were to be at their tasks. They loved the distraction that the visitors brought to the room, but then they were ready to get back to their work. Their day of school was just like the normal task of children everywhere around the world. I am so proud of these children, these teachers, the staff that works and supports them, and the sponsors of this school.

Marilee Gilmore
LWB education

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