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The Kindness of a Stranger

On the morning of July 31st, an elderly man was exercising in the park. He heard a baby cry when he passed one of the park entrances and felt concerned. After looking around, he discovered a newborn in a cardboard box and immediately called the police.

While waiting for the police to arrive, this kind gentleman bought a bottle and formula and tried to feed this tiny baby, but something was wrong—the baby kept vomiting whenever he drank the milk. The police arrived to take the child to the local orphanage in Hefei, Anhui. The man could have let the police take care of the child and continue on with his day but instead, he wanted to help safely deliver this precious little child to the orphanage so he accompanied them as well. Upon arrival, the clinic doctor examined this little baby boy and found the child to have an abdominal malformation that was life threatening. LWB was immediately notified about this child, and we gave him the name of Cole. Cole had a horrible first night at the orphanage; he was violently ill and had to be moved to the hospital for emergency surgery in order to save his life. The surgeons fixed an intestinal blockage and inserted a colostomy.

Our little Cole has a long road of recovery ahead of him as this was the first of three surgeries he will need for a healthy life. Many times no one steps forward to help abandoned babies, and we are so grateful to the elderly man who made sure Cole was delivered safely to the orphanage. He was Cole’s guardian angel that day. Now we hope even more angels will come together to help Cole finish his healing.

We have received a couple of updates on Cole since his emergency surgery. He has better color and is gaining weight although he is still in an incubator and receiving IV nutrition. Cole will be able to start on formula in about a week. His intestine now functions well, the colostomy is serving him well, and the surgical wounds are healing well!

Cole still has a long road of recovery ahead. Please continue to keep baby Cole in your thoughts while he recovers. We are pleased to report that after setting a goal for our Facebook supporters, little Cole is now mostly funded. However, there is just a little bit of funding left that needs to be covered. Please consider helping to fully fund little’s Cole’s emergency surgery that saved his life. Every time a child’s life is saved….the world changes for the good.

Chan Spraley is the General Surgery Coordinator for LWB. She lives in Georgia with her husband and two year old daughter, Lana.

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