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The Land of Counterpane…and Beyond

When I was sick and lay a-bed,
I had two pillows at my head,
And all my toys beside me lay,
To keep me happy all the day.

Robert Louis Stevenson, “The Land of Counterpane”

This classic poem came to mind when we saw this photo of brave John in the hospital, surrounded by toys.  John is a five-year-old little guy who has been dealt a tough hand.  After having spinal surgery, he was left with a significant post-op complication, and his family abandoned him most likely because they could not care for him or afford additional surgeries to correct this serious issue.  John came to live in an orphanage in Fuyang.

Because he continued to have painful infections that would not clear up, John’s orphanage asked LWB if we could help.  We agreed, and he was sent to a hospital where a doctor has been performing successful surgeries on children with just this type of issue.  Recently, John had this surgery and is recovering in the hospital. Reportedly, this stoic boy never even cried following the surgery.

For one week following the surgery, John had to lie still and flat on his back. After the first week, he was able to sit up, and a few days later he could walk with support.  While he still needs assistance, he is making great progress.  As you can imagine, keeping a five-year old boy quiet and inactive once he is feeling better is quite a challenge!

He is enjoying special snacks, new toys, and from the looks of it might even be playing some tricks on his nanny! We love seeing his silly side emerge after all the trauma he has been through.

We’ve just learned that John has been discharged and is on his way to foster care where he can continue to receive the personalized care he will need to fully recover from this major surgery. He has been through some very difficult times, both physically and emotionally. Although we are proud that he is so strong, we hope that he will soon be comfortable letting everyone see more of the mischievous personality that seems to be hiding under that brave exterior. Wouldn’t it be tremendous to be a part of that transformation? If you would like to learn how you can help John fully recover and continue to receive the care he needs, please visit his medical sponsor page.  Or to help him as a foster care sponsor, you can visit his foster care sponsor page.  We’re excited to see what lies beyond the land of counterpane for John!

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