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The Magic of Books

Every time you open a book, a little magic falls out.

We are working to instill a love of reading into the children of Sokhem Village in Cambodia. Many of these children, who live in homes without electricity and water, have never experienced the magic that is found inside storybooks.

Thanks to a kind supporter, we were able to build a free-standing building that will be used as a library and art center.

The teachers are bringing in plastic bins full of books for the children to choose from during library time at our Believe In Me Sokhem school. At some point, we plan to put a sidewalk between the Sokhkem Sibling School and this new building so that we could store books on wheeled shelves that could be wheeled into the center.

We hope that today, on International Children’s Day, you will enjoy these photos of the children having free reading time.

The joys of books know no boundaries!

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