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The Many Faces of Lianne

Did you know there is a legitimate science to face reading where they actually do research to study facial expressions and their universal meaning?  They say every emotional expression is universal across cultures.  There is a little girl in our Lu’An foster care program who is perfect to illustrate this point.  You only have to look at her face to see what she is thinking…lets just say she doesn’t have a good poker face.  

Surprise/Irritation- ‘Yes I already told you I AM doing my homework!’

Pleased and Possessive- “OOOOh this is mine, so hands off the rest of you!”

Glee –  “I’m not at all surprised to see you!!!!”

Guilt/Denial- “What?  Really, I’m not doing anything…nothing at all.”

Anticipation- “ Ok so where’s the amazing  food you were talking about in KFC?”

Pride- “And this would be me and my friends, see that’s me right THERE!”

Determination:   “Perhaps with a few less layers on I could actually move my arms to draw a picture?”

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