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The Moon Festival: A Time for Families

Across China this past weekend, families celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival, second only in importance to the Spring Festival (also known as Chinese New Year) celebrated earlier in the year. September 27 was a full moon, and for this reason the day is often referred to as the “Moon Festival”. It is a time for families to reunite and enjoy being together.

Benjamin 8.15

The children in our foster care programs look forward to this holiday and all that it brings including moon cakes and other delicious special food, the large family gatherings, the lanterns and night time festivities, gifts and and the time off from school for some.

mooncake2A beautiful and delicious-looking mooncake

They are able to enjoy this special occasion as members of their families. The importance of this to their social, emotional and cultural understanding and development cannot be underestimated.

Every year, we receive reports describing what the children did. Last year, two-year-old Ivy from Qiandongnan and her foster family “celebrated the Moon Festival in their back garden. They had a big meal, and Ivy enjoyed the chicken soup the most. After dinner they watched the full moon rise in the clear night sky. They enjoyed spending the lovely evening together. The foster mother took Ivy and the older brother to visit relatives over the weekend. Ivy was very excited to be out and about.”


Nichole from our Lanzhou foster care program helped her family make (and eat) dumplings and moon “cookies”.

Nichole dumplings 9.15

We think she thoroughly enjoys being in the kitchen with her family and being part of their celebration!

Nichole moon cookies 9.15

Even nine-month-old Carlos from Changzhi was taken by his foster parents “to join in the family party on the second day of the Mid-Autumn Day festival”. The children are very much a part of the festivities, no matter what their age.


We give thanks to each and every sponsor that makes foster care a reality for so many children. Your sponsorship enables the children to be a part of the rich tapestry of family life, and that is invaluable. We want this to continue not only for the children currently in foster care but for more children as well.

Currently, we have twelve children waiting for foster care sponsors. We are so happy that they, too, will have the opportunity to become woven into the life of a family while they are waiting for adoption!

FC collage 9.15

Peace, good health and prosperity we wish for all, most especially the children!

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