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The Mukono Baby Room

We are proud to announce the opening of the Mukono Baby Room — LWB’s newest healing home project!

The Mukono Baby Room is physically located within the Tender Hearts Baby Home on a beautiful hilltop in Mukono, a town in the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda.

Tender Hearts is run by Kenneth and Cathy Nganda, native Ugandans who have a deep desire to care for orphaned and destitute children in their homeland. For over six years they have taken in children from dire situations and helped to rehabilitate them, with the goal of then reuniting them with their biological families whenever possible.

Kenneth and Cathy seek foster or adoption placements for children who are unable to be reunited with their families of origin. In their six plus years of operation, Tender Hearts Baby home has reunited over 200 children with their biological/extended families and seen more than 30 children be adopted into forever families.

An incredible 48% of Uganda’s population is composed of children under the age of 15. It is estimated that up to two million of these children are orphans, either having lost one or both of their parents.

Family and kinship ties are strong in Uganda, and many orphaned children are successfully cared for within their communities. However, abandoned children still sometimes ‘fall through the cracks’ and end up needing more intensive care in order to survive.

Some children have been terribly abused and neglected and are severely malnourished. Some are HIV positive and weak from repeated infections and illnesses. Others have special needs that make it difficult for them to live in a community where families are impoverished and unable to devote time and attention to a child with complex needs.

To further complicate matters, the rate of alcoholism is very high in Uganda, and children can suffer terribly when their parents are in the grips of substance abuse.

These most vulnerable children are who Tender Hearts aims to help, and LWB is partnering with them to help fund the care of the twelve youngest babies in the Mukono Baby Room. We have been increasing the number of nannies, funding nutritional improvements, and helping to cover the cost of any further medical treatments or hospitalizations that the babies may need. In the future, we hope to help expand foster care and family reunification projects.

LWB volunteer Christina Lindseth visited Uganda in February 2017 and fell in love with Tender Hearts and the children who live in the Baby Room. We are pleased that Christina is coordinating this partnership!

Tomorrow we will feature Vera, a beautiful baby in need of sponsorship.

This program is new, and we have just a few sponsors so far. We truly need people to stand with these babies who are in such need of hope and healing.

We hope that like Christina and all of us, you will also fall in love with the children at the Mukono Baby Home!

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  • LWB says:

    Hi Terry. We are not familiar with the group you mentioned. While Uganda is making real strides in some regions to reduce its poverty levels (such as in cities like Kampala), other regions have actually increased in the percentage of people living in abject poverty (such as in the north and east). Poverty alleviation is such a complex topic, and there are hundreds of academic papers written on the topic in Uganda, but most reference decades of political instability and ineffective economic management as the primary reasons. Because Uganda hasn’t yet solved basic issues for the majority of its people, such as access to sanitation or electricity, a much higher percentage of available government funding goes to infrastructure projects versus projects to overcome issues such as child malnutrition. For example, the last information we have shows that only 1% of government funding was spent on social security, and just 5% of Ugandans report they have received assistance from government funds. Thank you for your interest in helping children!

  • Terry Johnson says:

    I support an orphanage called jeses cares children’s home. 16
    Children run by Ssenoga Rogers. He says there is no government help for these children. My question is why? They collect taxes. No governmemt assistant e for food??

  • LWB says:

    Hello Charles. You are always welcome to email our Adoption Advocacy Team at [email protected] with any adoption-related questions. Thank you!

  • Charles says:

    How does one get to adopt a child from the babies home?

  • Misty Milliman says:

    We just sponsored Amara throug LWB. After I paid I was taken back to the LWB website but it said ‘error’. We would love to stay current with Amaras story. We would also like to keep up with the Tender Hearts Baby Home. We will pray for the home and for Kenneth and Cathy. Thank you for all that you are doing.