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The Power of Tender Loving Care

Every child who comes to the cleft home benefits from the tender, loving care he or she receives from the nannies; but, every now and then, there are children whose lives are truly saved because of this tender care. Recently, the Anhui Cleft Healing Home welcomed three very small babies into its caring arms.

Many babies born with a cleft lip and palate have a very hard time feeding because they are unable to drink from a normal bottle; they expend more energy trying to drink from the bottle than they gain from the formula they drink! The children at the cleft home are fed with special bottles that make it easier for them to drink, but even this can be too much work for some babies. The most recent arrivals at the cleft home were unable to drink even from the special bottles when they first arrived. Knowing how important proper nutrition is, the nannies at the home have been painstakingly feeding these little ones by spoon at each feeding! We are happy to report that the nannies’ time and tender care are working miracles, and that each of these babies is slowly gaining the strength they need to be able to feed on their own.

We are so thankful for our nannies who provide such wonderful care to these children, and to our sponsors who make this level of care financially possible. Together, we truly are changing lives.

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