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The Prize Inside the Cereal: Qing!

This is Qing, a darling little girl who lives at an orphanage that we help support in Henan Province. She came to the orphanage with a very large spinal tumor, and a very small everything-else!

After having surgery, Qing was placed into foster care, but she was slow to gain weight and strength. Concerned about Qing’s progress, our foster care monitor asked if we couldn’t send a little extra rice cereal in addition to the formula Qing was already receiving.

As it turns out, Qing LOVES cereal! In just three months, she has already plumped up so much…she would be hard to recognize if it weren’t for that sweet little smile and sparkling eyes!

With the continued love of her foster mama and a little luck, that beautiful face may be gracing somebody’s family portrait some day. Wouldn’t that be something?

Jan Champoux
Nutrition Director

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