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The Question of International Adoption for Older Children

The adoption community has been abuzz lately about topics concerning the adoption of older children. So many older children in China live in both foster care and orphanages, just waiting for families of their own. While China is home to them and is all they have ever known, life as an orphaned child without a family name or hukou papers is bound to hold many challenges and can be a stigma that is difficult to overcome. However, being adopted and adjusting to a new family, new language and a new culture as a child about to enter the preteen or teen years is a daunting challenge as well.

So we would like to know what your thoughts are on the topic of international adoption for older children. Please vote in our poll and tell us more about what you think!

We also wanted to recap our most recent poll on the topic of Post-Adoption Support. While we did not receive a large response, those who did respond reported a wide range of experience as they sought post-adoption support. Only 20% believed it was easy to find, while 80% had found it to be extremely challenging. Undoubtedly, post-adoption support and education are important factors in the successful adoption of older children.

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