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The Reluctant Elves of Mukono

Santa has been looking for some new helpers, and we thought the little ones at the Mukono Baby Room might make some good elves. The children, however, don’t seem to be very excited about that idea!

Judah is just too cool to be an elf.

Ian is wondering what all the fuss about this red-nosed reindeer is about.

Lily: “You want me to drive that sleigh?!”

Vera is not at all convinced she looks good in an elf hat.

Sweet Beth, who smiles through everything, seems to be game to be Santa’s helper!

Zeke is not super pleased to be a reindeer.

He’s much happier without a hat on!

Sweet Zeke came to Mukono in the fall of 2016 after being found abandoned. When he first arrived, he tested HIV positive, had developmental delays, and struggled with eating and with a series of lung infections. Thankfully, with lots of love and care, Zeke has completely transformed. He now looks forward to mealtimes and makes his displeasure known when the food doesn’t come soon enough! He is starting to speak and is very active and playful with his nannies and the other children. In addition, blood tests show due that Zeke is no longer HIV positive, meaning that his previous positive tests were due only to maternal antibodies for the virus and that he himself is not infected. Now THAT is truly something to celebrate!

Despite their reluctance, we think the children at the Mukono Baby Room make adorable (if not enthusiastic) elves…don’t you?

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