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The Resilience of Anna

Five-year-old Anna has had a truly difficult year so far.

In early February, she accidentally fell into the cooking fire at home and received very painful burns. Anna was rushed to the hospital where she received medical treatment. Now, she is back in school and is slowly regaining her health and stamina. Our hearts are saddened over what this beautiful child has endured, but Anna showed us all her gentle resilience when she shared the sweetest smile less than a week after her discharge from the hospital.

Anna is in the “middle” Nursery class at our Believe in Me Kabale school in Uganda, so she likely has another year of nursery school ahead before beginning her primary school education, similar to what many of us know of as first grade, or Grade One.

She is a bright little girl and knows all the letters of the alphabet, reading them from the classroom chart, or writing them on the chalkboard or in her book. In addition, she knows and can write her numbers from 1 to 15, and is beginning to do simple addition problems such as “1+2=3”.

Health is a regular subject now at school, and Anna is learning how to keep herself healthy, naming basic body parts, and knowing to avoid dangerous objects such as razors or needles. Students are also learning the importance of washing hands, which you can see Teacher Benjamin supervising here.

Another important lesson for Anna and her classmates is that a person should only drink water that has been boiled. The water in the tanks outside is only for washing up until it’s been taken inside and boiled.

Anna has good self-esteem and is confident among her classmates or when talking to teachers or elders. This, of course, is a huge asset when it comes to singing and dancing. Anna is said to have a very pretty voice, and she is increasingly active in dance. She enjoys playing with the other children, particularly on the swings or just tossing a ball with friends.

Anna’s sense of humor is quite evident in these photos. She loves a good joke and is clever at making up and telling stories. That little grin and the sparkle in Anna’s eyes say so much about her personality!

After her terrible burn accident, poor Anna lost about four pounds, but the staff is watching carefully to see that she begins to catch back up. She gets a hot lunch every day at school consisting of posho (cornmeal), beans, rice, fruit, and vegetables.

We wanted to share a photo of Anna’s simple home in the village.

It sits right next to the beautiful terraced fields of Uganda.

We hope to work together to bring a better future to the children of this little village in Uganda. Will you partner with us to give Anna this opportunity?

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