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The Shanxi Seven: Planning Cleft Surgeries

During our Cleft Medical Exchange in April, we were honored to be able to help Charlie, a little boy from an orphanage in Shanxi province. Charlie came to see our team with a unilateral cleft lip, and you can see from his immediate post-op photo how this surgery will make such a difference in his life.

CME2016 Charlie B&A

Charlie returned to his orphanage following his time in the hospital in Henan. His orphanage was very pleased with his repair and recently asked us if we could help seven other children also receive cleft repair surgeries:  Finley, Libby, Zeke, and Hank, and three others who will be coming at a later date.





Each child’s cleft repair surgery estimate is $2,035 which includes travel to and from the hospital, the actual surgery costs, pre- and post-op care in the hospital, and caregiver salaries as they are unable to stay in the hospital without a nanny to care for them.  Most surgery is funded by individual donors giving what they can, and donations in any amount are so appreciated towards helping us raise the total amounts needed.

We are so happy that Charlie’s orphanage has reached out to us again to help with these seven children.  We look forward to raising the funds for their surgeries so that they can have the same life-changing results that Charlie did!  

Charlie is now ready and waiting to be chosen for adoption, and we hope the same for all four of these children as well.

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