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The Shoe That Grows

For most of us, being barefoot brings to mind thoughts of relaxing by the pool or the beach, watching TV on the couch, or going to bed. It’s a choice. Since beginning our work in Africa, many of us have been struck by the reality that being barefoot for Uganda children is ordinary and every day. These children do not wear shoes because, quite simply, they do not have shoes to wear.

Being barefoot throughout the day may be common in Uganda, but it is hazardous to their health. The areas in which these children live often lack adequate sanitation.

Children typically walk barefoot to fetch firewood and water.  Soil-transmitted diseases, parasites, deep cuts, and infections are common.  If a child contracts an illness, they typically do not have easy access to good medical care. Being sick in Uganda often means that kids miss school, are unable to help their families, and are uncomfortable or in pain. It affects all areas of their lives.

During recent visits to our Believe in Me Kabale school in Uganda, our team members noticed that children there have poorly fitting or, most commonly, no shoes at all.

Shoes are critical in helping to prevent infections and infestations. And yet they remain out of reach for most children in the village and at our school.

Because International is teaming up with Love Without Boundaries to get The Shoe That Grows to kids in Uganda! The Shoe That Grows adjusts 5 sizes and lasts up to 5 years. See how it works here:

HOW IT WORKS from Because International on Vimeo.

Typically, these shoes can be purchased for $15 each, which is a fantastic price. Due to the generosity of several partners, Because International is committed to matching the first 500 pairs donated between now and May 30. That means that your donation of $15 can buy not one but TWO pairs of shoes, helping to protect the feet and health of two children in Uganda!

We are thrilled with the response to this Shoe That Grows campaign thus far. Here are a few reasons that donors shared about why they gave the gift of shoes to children in Uganda:

Today I tried on three different pairs of (perfectly good) shoes before deciding which pair to wear for the day…and will change into an entirely different pair before heading out for tonight’s activities. In gratitude for this abundance, I’m donating four pairs of shoes for children who currently have zero choices. 

I am donating a shoe for each of my children…so that other children don’t have to go barefoot!

We will be hand-delivering these shoes to children in Uganda next month. Please consider a donation of $15 to help these children walk the path to better health and a brighter future!

Visit The Shoe That Grows to make your donation.

(If you prefer, you may also donate via the LWB website.)

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