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The Spirit of “Believe In Me”

Joshua, who has been a student in one of LWB’s Believe in Me schools, exemplifies the spirit of the title “Believe In Me.”


He has made many friends and mastered nearly all the social skills needed to be successful in a classroom. Additionally Joshua has accomplished basic counting skills and benefited from the program’s art and music projects.

Joshua-3 (1)

Of course learning is always a continuing experience, and Joshua has been well prepared by his teachers to continue in this endeavor. Joshua will be moving on to his next experience at a special needs school in Jinjiang. All of his teachers are sad to have Joshua leave their classroom, although they are happy for the new learning experiences that await him.


Education is a mutual exchange. It starts with teachers who believe in students like Joshua, continues with a student like Joshua believing in himself, and is made possible by his sponsors who believe that every child should have opportunities for learning and growth. We are grateful to all who have shown their belief in this young boy.

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