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The Starbridge Boys

The Starbridge Boys – Peter and Mikey – have come to LWB’s Foster Care Program!


Peter and Mikey were among the very first residents of Starbridge Healing Home, LWB’s newest healing home. There they received lots of one-on-one love and care prior to their cleft surgeries and during their post-op healing. Recently they graduated from healing home care and now have the opportunity to thrive as part of a foster family.


Energetic Peter (seen below) is interested in everything! He loves to be in his baby walker and move from room to room, exploring his new surroundings. He would much rather be playing than napping.


The sleepier Mikey weighs 8 kg. and really loves his baby walker – much better than his stroller. He is said to be making a lot of sounds; perhaps he will be an early talker!


We hope that foster care is forever-family training for them as their adoption paperwork is in the works. Until that time, however, we hope you will join us as we watch their personalities emerge even more! Foster care sponsorships are $35 per month, and sponsors will receive monthly updates and photos on these handsome young boys.

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