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The Story of Lovely Linda

Let us tell you a story about a little girl named Linda.┬áIn Spanish, “Linda” means pretty — and we think this Linda is that, and more!

In the winter of 2014, an orphanage in Anhui contacted us about a six-month-old baby in their care with a heart defect that needed specialized care.

Although Linda initially didn’t know how to interact with others, her loving healing home nannies helped her find her true sparkling personality!

Linda had a best friend in our healing home named Dominic. These two were always together, and Linda liked to tease Dominic by taking his toys.

These two friends loved to scoot their walkers across the floor of the healing home together — usually with Linda chasing Dominic around!

Sometimes Dominic would try to kiss her, though — and Linda would have NONE of that.

Linda grew stronger and more confident in our healing home, and in November of 2014 she graduated! She went on to live with a foster family in her home province, where she grew into a lovely toddler.

We were grateful that Linda had the opportunity to live in a family environment instead of an orphanage and was able to play outside, meet and interact with people in her community, celebrate holidays, and experience living in a home.

She was also able to attend preschool! She got along very well with her classmates, and her teachers remarked on her focus and diligence, even at age three.

Linda continued to charm everyone around her, and one day she met a family in her province who fell in love with her. They soon decided to file formal adoption paperwork for her to make her their treasured daughter forever! In December of last year, Linda went home at last.

It was our great honor to play a small part in Linda’s life. Without everyone who sponsored her medical, healing home, foster care, and education, Linda’s life would have been quite different.

Linda, we wish you a lovely life filled with laughter and joy!

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