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The Tale of Tobias

Once there was a little boy named Tobias who was born with a medical condition called anal atresia. Sadly, it caused him to be left all on his own, and the urgent surgery he needed at birth was never able to be done. For two years, his tiny body wasn’t able to work the way it should, and eating and even moving became painful. Tobias learned to just lie in his orphanage crib all day. He drew up his legs like a little frog because having them straight hurt more, and then they just seemed to stay in that position all the time.

One day, a kind man came to visit the orphanage, and when he placed his hands on Tobias’ belly, he knew that the little boy needed urgent medical care right away. He carefully picked up Tobias and held the little boy in his arms the entire way to the hospital. The man told his team that Tobias was too timid to look him in the eye and didn’t like to be touched, most likely because it made his abdomen hurt. Tobias was admitted to the hospital where doctors began emergency treatment. A very special nanny started holding him in her arms and whispering he was going to be okay.

When the medical team first saw the scans that were taken of Tobias’ abdomen, they were heartbroken. The damage to his insides was clear, and Tobias would have to undergo several weeks of painful treatments to prepare his body for major surgery. Doctors explained that a big part of Tobias’ intestines would have to be removed in order for him to finally start healing.

When the moms and dads on the hospital ward learned about little Tobias and everything he had been through in his short life, their hearts were filled with compassion. They decided to shower him with kindness so he could know that despite being orphaned, he has lots of people who care. When they saw that he didn’t have the ability to support his lower body, the mamas began lifting him up to stretch his legs, constantly assuring him he’s a very special boy.

In just one week, Tobias is already making such enormous progress in the hospital. Because of the treatments he’s undergoing, he can now take a tiny bit of formula, and the pain in his tummy is decreasing every day. Even better, Tobias has learned to sit up on his own for a few minutes at a time thanks to the encouragement from his new friends on the ward. Now, he has a new view of the world versus lying flat on his back in bed.

The kind man who originally found Tobias in the orphanage shared with us that the most beautiful sign of hope has appeared at last. Tobias’ first small smiles finally broke free. And that made everyone in the hospital very happy indeed.

Tobias has a very long road ahead of him. Once his insides are cleaned out, he will need two major surgeries. The first will remove the dead bowel and give him a colostomy, which will hopefully allow him to then begin taking in enough formula to begin gaining weight.

Today we are giving thanks for the life of Tobias and that LWB was allowed to move him to our care. We know there is so much physical and emotional hurt that he will need to overcome. But for now, he is exactly where he needs to be, and we are truly grateful for all the love he’s being shown.

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  • Jocelyn Scott says:

    Poor little guy! He has such beautiful eyes. I hope he finds a loving family.