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The Tibetan Coat Project


Earlier this summer, one of our directors in China visited the Tibetan Plateau region in Qinghai province. She met with two headmasters of the primary schools in Zeku County, a very remote region, who asked if LWB could provide winter Tibetan coats for some very poor students. They explained how cold the winters are there, with temperatures reaching -25 degrees C. They explained that even down jackets are not usually enough, which is why people prefer to wear the traditional Tibetan robes which are handmade, heavy and warm.

The headmasters said many students are from such poor families that their hands and feet are chapped. After discussing the project with them, we decided to provide each child with a Tibetan coat and pair of boots.  We also decided to provide each primary school student with a new warm mattress, as the ground gets so cold in the winter. These mattresses are also handmade, with wool which is cleaned and then stuffed into a cloth cover.

Tibetancoat3Delivery of the wool


After delivery, the wool must be cleaned.  The teachers lined a wooden container with plastic, and then filled it with water to wash the wool.  They had a willing helper (in the top photo) who wanted to help remove the dirt for his new mattress!

Tibetancoat5The teachers purchasing bolts of Tibetan wool for their students’ new coats.


In total, 79 students will receive new supplies for this coming winter. We look forward to sharing photos of the children in their completed coats!

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  • chinalwb says:

    Tami, Jian Cuo is the chief contact of a small foundation to help students in the Tibetan regions. His email is: jiancuo@aliyun.com. Jian Cuo doesn’t speak much English, but his son speaks good English and helps him a lot with the translation. We hope this information is helpful to you!

  • tami says:

    I would like to somehow donate gloves, socks, hats, scarves, shoes on a smaller scale than what you mentioned above. Is there a local Tibetan organization that I can be involved with?

  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Jill! They were washing the wool in a wooden container lined with plastic, and a local boy decided to get in and help remove some of the dirt. Thanks for asking!

  • Jill D says:

    Could you explain what is happening in the top photo?