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The Treasure That Is Ifan


Ifan is a treasure just waiting to be discovered! Ifan is a sweet, caring seven year old who has had surgery to repair club feet. However, he is doing so well that recent visitors who did not know him had no idea what his special need was!


A resident of our Dingyuan foster care program, Ifan attends the local kindergarten. He really enjoys classes in physical education and natural science! Ifan loves to go jogging in the mornings with his foster father and also enjoys martial arts and playing soccer with the other children in the neighborhood.

Ifan is a very inquisitive boy. Whenever he gets a new toy, he spends a lot of time investigating it and trying to figure out how it works.  He also asks many questions!  Learning through seeing and doing is Ifan’s best method of tackling something new.


When our team visited China this fall, they visited many foster care children in their homes. Ifan made a big impression on LWB’s Kelly Wolfe, who writes:


Ifan was such a patient and kind brother to his foster sister and baby foster brother. He studied the directions for his Legos, and promptly went about putting his set together. He did take time to assist his foster care sister by showing her the gift and explaining the directions. 


He was very gentle with his baby foster brother Winston, and a ready helper in giving him baby toys to play with. 


Ifan loves to help his grandparents, and they say he is a very good boy who listens to them and follows directions. He likes to accompany his foster grandfather wherever he needs to go, and he walks great distances to shop or visit family and friends. Ifan walked, squatted, bent down, leaned over, and operated a scooter with ease.  Truthfully, I did not know he had a special need which may have limited his mobility because he was running, jumping, and riding his scooter with ease.

Ifan is such a kind brother to his foster siblings Elin and Winston (Elin is also waiting for a family). He always shares his toys and snacks with them!


Please be sure to check out our previous blog, “Introducing Ifan.” We can’t wait for someone to discover the treasure that is Ifan!

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