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The "twin" quiet ones of the house

I was reading through the most recent reports, and I couldn’t help but notice the number of similarities between Wren and one of our new arrivals, Dawn. If you remember, Wren is one of our smaller babies who has been at the cleft home since our opening in March. Dawn is younger and arrived just a few weeks ago.

You be the judge:

Wren is a quiet, sweet, observer in the house. She is taking her sweet time in gaining weight, but isn’t causing the nannies much trouble in the mean time. When she’s feeling well and is hungry, she likes to eat a lot! She’ll wake up in the middle of the night to be fed, but won’t even open her eyes to eat. She just drinks her bottle and then goes back to sleep.

Wren just appears as happy as can be! We also know that she really likes to play with her fingers (and chew them, apparently!)

Wren doesn’t care too much for toys, but likes to be spoken to, and likes to play with her fingers. When other babies are fussy, she looks at them quietly and seems to be asking “Why are you crying?” She loves her baths…in fact, they usually put her right to sleep!

Like Wren, Dawn continues to become prettier and healthier as time passes, and is a really pleasant baby to be around. She is very quiet…so quiet that sometimes when the nannies are busy playing with the other babies, they forget that she’s in the room!

Wren’s listening very intently for something…

Here she is…just hanging out. She looks very dainty
and lady-like to me in this picture.

The nannies say that Dawn is often found gazing at her fingers “as if she was appreciating a piece of art”. We think she’s a valuable, beautiful piece of art too!

Of course, Wren and Dawn are not actually twins, but I just think they have very similar personalities. And, with such pleasant demeanors, I know the nannies are more than happy to have two very similar babies.

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