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The Unity Fund at Work

We are so grateful to everyone who helps make our Unity Fund for impoverished families in China a reality.  This fund was a dream of ours for a long time, as rural families who could not afford medical care for their children would occasionally ask us if their children would qualify for surgery if they were orphaned.   Our goal with this medical fund was to help keep families together – and we celebrate each and every time we are able to provide life changing medical care to families in need.

This month one of our Unity Fund recipients was a beautiful little boy named Yi.   He is four years old, and his mother and father are both rural farmers.  Last fall, his mom had to have heart surgery that drained all of the family’s resources.  It has left her too weak to work in the fields and so she tries to earn extra money doing odd jobs.   During the same time as her heart surgery, the family discovered that little Yi also had heart disease – a VSD that was affecting his health.  His parents were so saddened to get this news as they knew it would be impossible for them to pay for the operation he needed.  The Geng Village local Civil Affairs contacted LWB for assistance, and we arranged for Yi to have open heart surgery in Xi’An.  We are happy to report that the surgery was a complete success!

Our hospital manager visited Yi following his heart surgery and took him a toy truck.  She told us that his mother was very emotional during their visit.    With tears in her eyes, she talked about what it meant to their family to know that complete strangers would show such love and compassion to their little boy.   Thank you for making this important medical fund possible!   You are changing lives every day!

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  • jobelin says:

    This is great! I’m so glad I found out about this, I just returned from my third trip in China working with children abandoned with medical needs. I have decided not to do more children’s homes, rather, I’d love to operate something like this, so that families can keep their children. This is great upstream thinking! Excellent!

  • […] that helps keep children with their own families!  That’s amazing!  Check it out here, I knew about the org, but didn’t realize they had this fund!  Love Without Boundaries Unity […]

  • This made me cry.

    I need to write a post and link to this. I tell people all the time who tell me how sad it is that our three children from China (all born with heart disease) could not stay with their birth families “probably because they couldn’t pay for their surgery but wanted to” … then please consider making a donation to LWB’s Unity Fund so that other children CAN stay with their families.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. Yi is a handsome young man! I think it important to note his family’s emotions. I hear all the time too that the Chinese are not very emotional and on every trip we’ve taken, I see very emotional people. They have HUGE hearts and I am thankful I’ve been able to witness it firsthand.